Rare Teapots and finding a few unique ones as well.




 Rare Teapots – Finding them is not as hard as you may think.


These 18th centenary melon teapots above, sold for $2,180,000.00 at Auction YES 2.18 Million.
Not a bad find, especially when you realize that the previous owner a Scottish collector, had them in his possession for more than 50 years had not realized their value,

You might be surprised by how easy it really is, particularly if you know your stuff and where to look.

Places to start looking can be the local Opportunity Shop.
Most of these are run by volunteers and they don’t understand real value of what may look like a boring teapot in the corner is in fact extremely rare and quite valuable.

The Salvos Pre-loved goods outlets.
Many Items are donated from deceased estates and who knows what you will come across.

Trash and Treasure Markets.
Many new and pre loved teapots to be found, with occasionally a real cracker of one.

Garage sales also offer a wealth of possibilities.
For example an old wedding gift that has been gathering dust in the corner and the current owners decided to do some spring cleaning and get rid of what they think is just a simple and maybe unusual teapot for a really low price.

An often overlooked place is local antique shop.
Go inside and talk to the store owner and tell them you are interested in collecting rare teapots and unusual looking teapots, and for them to give you a call, if one happens to come their way. This is well worth your time in setting up a small network of eyes on the lookout for your rare an unusual teapot.
Plus Online Auctions and Sales sites.

that’s where we come to the rescue, by catalogue listing rare teapots along with the more unusual finds below all our posts.

I hope our small endeavour will aid you in either starting out collecting teapots or simply a quicker way to finding the rare ones you are already searching for.

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