Elephant Figurines

Magnificent Elephant Figurines to add to your collection.

Once again, I have taken some time to search out some of the best Elephant Figurines pieces available for sale in Australia right now.

The Elephant is a symbol of power and strength, and will be a good addition to your collection. The biggest problem to overcome is which one will you settle on. OR Will you have to get two or more Elephant Figurines and make your own herd with the biggest Elephant being the matriarch to which the others follow. If you have too many in your collection you will have to separate them into smaller herds so to speak.

A white elephant as a gift is a sign you wish piece prosperity and happiness to the family that receives the white elephant as a gift

Another popular belief to bring good luck to your home and family, is by placing large elephant statues at the entrance to your front door.

Elephant Figurines



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