Beswick Dog Figurines

Beswick Dogs figurines come in a number of sizes together with various designs made from their pottery spanning more than 100 years.
Imagine, the actual quantity of decades beneath their belt, they’ve certainly knocked out one or two dog figurines in that period of time.

Just as with quite a few businesses, they get bought out and quite often shelved, so the parent company can continue the lions share of the market place. Royal Doulton in 1969 purchased the assets belonging to the Beswick and also to their credit, they kept it going right up till 1989, then simply instantly discontinued all production. and no further figurines being crafted.

Beswick Boxer Dog

Next in 1998 as a result of marketplace demand they re-introducing the product range, and for a short period of time, production was under way just as before, right up until 2002 that is, and once for a second time, all production was stopped. The Beswick brand appeared as if it could be gone forever, this certainly looked like the end of the line, for the dog collectible figurines which came with the famous Beswick Underplate. for the reason that Royal Doulton sold the actual Gold Street works to property developers.

Having said that, fortunately the actual tale doesn’t finish off there, as a result of a Yorkshire company that in 2008, (John Sinclair (Sheffield) Ltd), to be specific.
The actual Beswick Animals Figurines are just as before, back in production and additionally that you can buy them at good prices, although the company looks like they’re focusing mainly on cats and dogs,


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