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Royal Doulton Flambe Elephant and Calf Motherhood HN 3464

Royal Doulton Flambe Elephant and Calf HN 3464

Mould no: HN 3464
Designed by: Adrian Hughes
Series: Images of Fire – Motherhood
Produced: 1995 to 1997
Dimensions: Height 22.8 cm  (9.0 inches)
Baseplate: Signed AM to Base

Royal Doulton Flambe Elephant and Calf (Motherhood) HN 3464
Royal Doulton Flambe Elephant and Calf (Motherhood) HN 3464 photo displayed above.

If you want one of these animal figurines for your collection, you might be in for a long wait before any come up for sale.


Royal Doulton Grazing Foal 946

Royal Doulton Grazing Foal

Model No. DA 76 (Beswick Mould No. 946)
Designed by Arthur Gredington
Produced from 1989 – 1999
Height: 3.5″

Royal Doulton – Grazing Foal
The Royal Doulton – Grazing Foal Model No. DA 76 uses a Beswick mould No. 946, so check to see it has the Royal Doulton backstamp on it’s belly, and not the Beswick backstamp.

P.S. This grazing foal model is quite rare, and not often for sale.

I seldom seem to find any for sale in Australia,

Royal Doulton Teapots

Royal Doulton Teapots

Royal Doulton teapots a beautiful teapot example below Come from a well-known English pottery firm when John Doulton used his life’s savings to launch a partnership with Martha Jones, and John Watts at a stoneware factory in Lambeth, London during 1815, and later in 1863 Henry Doulton’s east London studio By 1871.
John’s son, launched a studio at the Lambeth pottery, and offered work to designers and artists from the nearby Lambeth School of Art. They then specialised in producing tableware, as well as collectibles for their main outlet London. After considerable success, they launched the Royal Albert Brand during 1896.

Royal Doulton a beautiful teapot example
Royal Doulton a beautiful teapot example


Quickly the business’s reputation grew in the field of ceramics and pottery.

They excelled in fabulous porcelain products, cookware, glassware etc. along with other types of collectables.
Royal Doulton branched out and started other well-known brand names such as Minton, Royal Albert, Gordon Ramsay as well as Monique Luhilier. These brand names are now owned by WWRD Holdings Ltd.

Quite a few of the English Royal Doulton Teapots made their way to Australia, and are now available to buy at affordable prices.

Doulton infused a great deal of inventiveness and innovation directly into almost all it’s product’s, making these a collector’s must have.
With character jugs,sugar bowls, mugs, liquor holders, teapots and many other products manufactured by the Doultons, create fantastic gifts, and featuring a wide variety of well-known personalities, and also your favourite story book characters have a look in also!

Once you see the craftsmanship and exquisite detail that went into making these teapots, you will begin to appreciate the associated pricing structure that goes with them.


This is one of the many reasons why you should consider buying fancy teapots from their huge range.

Some also come with their original decorative stands, and assorted cups that made up a set.
Be sure to check for any cracks, or any apparent restoration work, as this will greatly reduce the resale value, and give you some bargaining power, so be sure to ask these questions first, before putting your hard-earned money on the table, only to find out later you have paid too much.

It is also wise to check to see if there are similar tea pots for sale at the same time, and compare prices between them and the condition they are in before you go ahead and buy it. This may take a few extra minutes but it is well worth it in the long run

It is also important to remember that some of these ceramics are quite rare, and so may be sold fast if you take too much time deciding whether you should buy it or not.  So when you find a rare gem I would suggest you grab it before another collector beats you to it, as there is no guarantee a similar piece will become available for sale in the near foreseeable future.

Royal Doulton teapot baseplate
Royal Doulton teapot baseplate

I wish you all the best and many a happy cuppa in your hunt for that truly magnificent piece that is just right for your crystal cabinet that will become a favourite conversation piece within your circle of family and friends.

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