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Hummel Figurine Annual Angel Pure As Snow 2361

Now available and fresh for 2015 this Hummel Figurine is a beauty to add to your collection of Ceramic Angels.

Hummel Figurine Annual Angel Pure As Snow 2361

Hummel Figurine Annual Angel Pure As Snow
Hummel Number 2361
This figurine measures Size 4 3/4  inches in height. and can be yours

M.I. Hummel Goebel Mischief Maker Figurine 342

M.I. Hummel Goebel Mischief Maker Figurine

Hummel Reference Number 155775
Hummel Figurine Number 342
This figurine measures 5 inches in height and can be yours quite fast if you act now,

M.I. Hummel Goebel Mischief Maker Figurine

Goebel Figurines you should keep an eye on

The mind conjures all sorts of adventures and mischief a small boy a flute and a crow could possibility get up to.


Goebel Figurines

Goebel figurines have been hand-crafted in Germany.

Not to mention several vintage pieces were reintroduced straight to production, this approach will make it a lot easier for any enthusiast to acquire a top quality vintage duplicate with a significantly more affordable price compared to an original vintage piece.
Goebel produce quite a few collectible figurines in a great many different sizes and also subjects, which range from the more customary pieces, all the way through to animals etc. each and every piece is hand finished to a remarkably high finish. The beauty of these masterpieces need to be seen to be truly enjoyed as the example of this underneath demonstrates.

Goebel Figurines


Goebel Animals

Goebel Animals are crafted in Germany additionally they have reintroduced several of the earlier creations straight to production,

Which means you are able to obtain a vintage reproduction for a fraction of the original selling price provided you can locate one of their vintage pieces.

Goebel produce numerous collectible figurines Animals remaining one of these, Cats Dogs etc. each one is crafted to an exceptionally high standard, it will be possible to collect numerous animal figurines within minutes employing our list down the page.

goebel animals