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Beswick Birds Wren 993

Beswick Birds Wren 993 – Made in England

Mould No: 993A
Designed by:  Arthur Gredington
Dimensions: Height 5.7 cm (2.1/4″)
Produced: 1943

Mould No: 993B
Produced: 1973
Designed by:  Arthur Gredington and re-modelled by Graham Tongue


Beswick Birds Wren 993
Beswick Birds Wren 993 photo displayed above

There are two versions of this mould available, 993A and 993B, the first edition was released in 1943 and designed by Arthur Gredington, the second release was in 1973 and was re-modelled by Graham Tongue.

These Beswick Wren figurines, should be fairly easy to find for sale in most countries around the world.

Beswick Oscar Ostrich 1154

Beswick Oscar Ostrich – Made in England

Designed By: David Hand
Series: Animaland
Mould No: – 1154
Dimensions: Height 9.5cm (3 3/4″)
Produced: 1949 – 1955
Baseplate: Gold Backstamp – Copyright By GB Animation LTD

Oscar Ostrich by Beswick Potteries, is a rare collectors piece, I would suggest if you see it for sale in Australia, Grab it as it could be quite some time before another one is listed again.

Beswick Oscar Ostrich
Beswick Oscar Ostrich 1154 photo displayed above

I haven’t seen this particular piece for sale in Australia for quite a long time. It really is quite a rare piece of Beswick Pottery that is worth adding to your collection.


Beswick Birds – Mallard Duck Squatting 817

Beswick Mallard Duck Squatting 817 – Made in England

Mould: 812
Designer: Watkin
Produced: 1940 – 1970
Dimensions: Height 17cm Length 23cm Width 11.5cm (9 inch. length x 6.75″ high)

A rare and quite a large artwork showing the talents of Watkin’s, while he was working at the Beswick Pottery in England.

Beswick Mallard Duck Squatting model no 817
Beswick Mallard Duck Squatting mould no 817 photo displayed above

This a fairly rare piece out of the Beswick Pottery, and not that often seen for sale in Australia.

P.S. Happy Duck Hunting



Beswick Birds – Yellow Baltimore Orioles 926

Beswick Bird Yellow Baltimore Orioles 926 Made in England

Mould no: 926
Designed by: Arthur Gredinton
Dimensions: Height: approx: 12.7cm (5 inches)
Produced:  1941 – 1965

Beswick Bird Yellow Baltimore Orioles #926
Beswick Bird Yellow Baltimore Orioles 926 photo displayed above

These are brightly coloured pair of birds that were hand painted by the artists at the Beswick Pottery in England., and would make a nice addition to your collection.

I have a found some of these birds listed in Australia for sale, and you should be able to get one for your collection fairly easily.

The best thing about keeping these birds, is you don’t have to feed them.

Beswick Bird Figurines

Beswick Bird Figurines can be found in  Australia

Beswick Birds figurines come in quite a selection of sizes with many varieties produced from their pottery spanning over one hundred years.
So as you can imagine, with this amount of years under their belt, they have knocked out one or two bird figurines during that time period.

Beswick Birds
Beswick Birds

As with many companies, they get taken over and often shelved, so the parent company can keep the lions share of the market. Royal Doulton in 1969 acquired the assets of the Beswick and to their credit, they kept it going till 1989, then promptly stopped all production. with no more Bird figurines being made.

Then in 1998 due to market pressure they re-introducing the product range, and for a brief period, production was under way again, until 2002 that is, and once again, all production was halted. The Beswick brand looked like it might be gone forever, this really looked like the end of the line, for the bird figurines that came with the famous Beswick Underplate. as Royal Doulton sold the Gold Street works to property developers.

However, luckily the story doesn’t finish there, thanks to a Yorkshire company who in 2008, (John Sinclair (Sheffield) Ltd), to be precise.
The Beswick Animals Figurines were once again back in production and on the market at reasonable prices, although the company seem to be concentrating mainly on cats and dogs,