CollectA 88478 Black Thoroughbred Mare

CollectA Black Thoroughbred Mare 88478

CollectA Black Thoroughbred Mare

Model No: 88478
Dimensions: 16cm long x 12.5cm height x 4cm wide (6.5″ length x 4.7″ height x 1.25″wide)

Material Used: All CollectA models are made with high quality, phthalate-free dense, hard rubber plastic, and the figures are hand painted using lead-free materials

There are over 500 different models in the catalogue, and more being added regularly.

These models are meant to be played with, and are great for children to use their imagination in which they create their own world, and these models can also be used as an interactive and fun way of telling stories for small children.

CollectA 88478 Black Thoroughbred Mare
CollectA 88478 Black Thoroughbred Mare photo displayed above

Equestrian sculptor Deborah McDermott oversees all models created, and checks the animal’s anatomy before going into production.


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