Beswick Oscar Ostrich 1154

Beswick Oscar Ostrich – Made in England

Designed By: David Hand
Series: Animaland
Mould No: – 1154
Dimensions: Height 9.5cm (3 3/4″)
Produced: 1949 – 1955
Baseplate: Gold Backstamp – Copyright By GB Animation LTD

Oscar Ostrich by Beswick Potteries, is a rare collectors piece, I would suggest if you see it for sale in Australia, Grab it as it could be quite some time before another one is listed again.

Beswick Oscar Ostrich
Beswick Oscar Ostrich 1154 photo displayed above

I haven’t seen this particular piece for sale in Australia for quite a long time. It really is quite a rare piece of Beswick Pottery that is worth adding to your collection.


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