Beswick Fish – Barracuda on base 1235

Beswick Fish – Barracuda 1235 Made in England

This is a magnificent and brilliantly hand painted Barracuda on coral work base, 26cm long, and very rare indeed. They seldom become available for sale in Australia.

Mould no: 1235
Dimensions: Approximately 10.5″ long by 5″ tall

The Beswick Fish – Barracuda mould no: 1235 is quite rare and seldom comes up for sale.

Beswick Fish - Barracuda 1235
Beswick Fish – Barracuda 1235 photo displayed above

This is a rare example of simply brilliant craftsmanship and the application of amazing colours. This is a truly remarkable ceramic piece that would grace the mantle piece of any home, and be a great t

P.S. Don’t let this be the one that got away.

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