Beswick Cats – Animaland Felia

Beswick Cats – Animaland Felia – Made in England

Designed By:  David Hand
Series: Animaland.
Produced: 1946-1950
Baseplate: Gold Backstamp – Copyright By GB Animation LTD
Dimensions: Height 10cm Width 5cm
Weight: 62 grams

This particular Beswick Cats piece is from the David Hands Animal Land Felia, is quite a rare piece, and you will have difficulty finding it anywhere for sale.

Beswick Cats – Animal Land Felia
Beswick Cats – Animal Land Felia

David Dodd Hand (January 23, 1900 – October 11, 1986) was an animator and animation film maker best known for his work at Walt Disney Productions. Hand worked on numerous Disney shorts during the 1930s, eventually becoming supervising director on the animated features Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Bambi.

He joined the Disney studio in 1930, and by 1932 he was regarded as one of Disney’s top animators as well as having become a close friend of Walt Disney.

Hand went to England and established Gaumont British Animation at Moor Hall in 1946 to produce the Animaland cartoon series.

I’m not having much luck finding this piece for sale anywhere in Australia.


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