A Vintage Steiff Teddy Bear makes a Great Talking Point for your Collection

A Vintage Steiff Teddy Bear will make a Great Collectables for the Future

Michtom’s jointed mohair Teddy Bear was extremely popular from the moment it was first created, and continues to be so with collectors to the present day.

Be on the Lookout for Fake Vintage Teddy Bears

Most fake bears on the market have an appearance that looks suspiciously fresh as well as untouched. Their  noses are generally showing no signs of wear, and the seams can often be thick plus uneven so keep an eye open for this.

The Best Teddies Possess the Following.

Almost all the Best bears possess jointed hips and necks, as well as their shoulder joints.

Early specimens possess a typical “American football” shape and they are generally made from short, gold or sometimes beige mohair plush together with complementing felt paws, and also distinctive sharply pointed foot pads. They also have shoe-button or sometimes have glass eyes, plus the fur surrounding the muzzle is probably shorn also. Later on many types of bears were created in a a large range of colours and form to symbolize various species of the bear, for example, polar bears along with grizzly bears, and also pandas are included in this range.

Vintage Steiff Teddy Bear Circa 1902
Vintage Steiff Teddy Bear Circa 1902

A Handy Hint to Identifying your Vintage Teddy Bears.

Examine the actual label. Regardless of whether the majority of the label on the teddy bear has worn away.

You are still able to match it up with what is remaining on the tag, and compare it with pre-existing photographs in books, so that you can identify the particular bear in your possession.


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