Medusa Barbie Doll a real Collectors Item

Collector Medusa Barbie Dolls

There are many different Barbie Dolls for sale at any one time, but limited edition ones, like the Medusa Doll, will always sell at premium prices, simply due to dolls age, and the fact it’s from a limited edition, with small production runs.

The Medusa Doll is quite rare, and will set you back a fair amount of money.

If you do decide to buy one that is still in an unopened box. Do Not Open It, unless you don’t mind loosing many dollars in re-sale value.

Barbie Dolls Medusa

There is always the temptation to take a quick peek in the box.

So make sure there are no small children in your household, as this doll, will surely act like a magnet to them, and you can’t blame them for wanting to play with a really unique looking doll.


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