Beswick Horses Black Beauty Foal 2536

Beswick Horses Black Beauty Foal 2536

Designed by: Graham Tongue
Model No: 2536
Produced from: 1976 – 1989
Dimensions: Height:  3 1/2″ – 8.9 cm

Beswick Horse – Black Beauty Foal 2536

Black Beauty as a Foal, is a good example of the excellent craftsmanship that was produced from the artists at the Beswick pottery in England.
This Black Beauty Foal #2536 mould, is no longer in production, so the value of this piece can only go higher, and therefore a good investment for the future.

What I personally like is the low cost of these beautiful pieces and they are a great way to get a Beswick Horse collection started.

Elephant Figurines

Magnificent Elephant Figurines to add to your collection.

Once again, I have taken some time to search out some of the best Elephant Figurines pieces available for sale in Australia right now.

The Elephant is a symbol of power and strength, and will be a good addition to your collection. The biggest problem to overcome is which one will you settle on. OR Will you have to get two or more Elephant Figurines and make your own herd with the biggest Elephant being the matriarch to which the others follow. If you have too many in your collection you will have to separate them into smaller herds so to speak.

A white elephant as a gift is a sign you wish piece prosperity and happiness to the family that receives the white elephant as a gift

Another popular belief to bring good luck to your home and family, is by placing large elephant statues at the entrance to your front door.

Elephant Figurines



A Vintage Steiff Teddy Bear makes a Great Talking Point for your Collection

A Vintage Steiff Teddy Bear will make a Great Collectables for the Future

Michtom’s jointed mohair Teddy Bear was extremely popular from the moment it was first created, and continues to be so with collectors to the present day.

Be on the Lookout for Fake Vintage Teddy Bears

Most fake bears on the market have an appearance that looks suspiciously fresh as well as untouched. Their  noses are generally showing no signs of wear, and the seams can often be thick plus uneven so keep an eye open for this.

The Best Teddies Possess the Following.

Almost all the Best bears possess jointed hips and necks, as well as their shoulder joints.

Early specimens possess a typical “American football” shape and they are generally made from short, gold or sometimes beige mohair plush together with complementing felt paws, and also distinctive sharply pointed foot pads. They also have shoe-button or sometimes have glass eyes, plus the fur surrounding the muzzle is probably shorn also. Later on many types of bears were created in a a large range of colours and form to symbolize various species of the bear, for example, polar bears along with grizzly bears, and also pandas are included in this range.

Vintage Steiff Teddy Bear Circa 1902
Vintage Steiff Teddy Bear Circa 1902

A Handy Hint to Identifying your Vintage Teddy Bears.

Examine the actual label. Regardless of whether the majority of the label on the teddy bear has worn away.

You are still able to match it up with what is remaining on the tag, and compare it with pre-existing photographs in books, so that you can identify the particular bear in your possession.


Medusa Barbie Doll a real Collectors Item

Collector Medusa Barbie Dolls

There are many different Barbie Dolls for sale at any one time, but limited edition ones, like the Medusa Doll, will always sell at premium prices, simply due to dolls age, and the fact it’s from a limited edition, with small production runs.

The Medusa Doll is quite rare, and will set you back a fair amount of money.

If you do decide to buy one that is still in an unopened box. Do Not Open It, unless you don’t mind loosing many dollars in re-sale value.

Barbie Dolls Medusa

There is always the temptation to take a quick peek in the box.

So make sure there are no small children in your household, as this doll, will surely act like a magnet to them, and you can’t blame them for wanting to play with a really unique looking doll.


Buying a Bulk Lot of Dolls Clothes Saves Money

You can save quite a bit of money on Barbie Dolls Clothes, by simply purchasing in bulk lots.

The quantity of clothes available will vary form day to day, with many vintage clothing and accessories going very cheap, so keep an eye open for these obscure sales. It is a always good idea to bookmark this page your on, and pop in daily to see what’s on offer and when they become available online for you to buy, jump at them and save heaps.
Bulk Lot of Barbie Dolls Clothes

So keep an eye open in places such as Ebay, Craigs List, Gumtree etc. and you will save a heaps by buying in bulk, and even if you double up on some clothing items, it will still be a better buy than purchasing each clothing item separately.


Beautiful Beswick shire horse figurines

You can purchase these Beautiful Beswick shire horse figurines listed below, and have them shipped right to your doorstep.

The quality of the Beswick Ceramic Pottery is well known to be one of the best ceramic animal figurine makers of all time. Their pieces have great appeal amongst collectors. Remember, these pieces when first made were to be placed in a position to show them off to the best of there ability to all who entered the room in your home where you housed them.

Beswick shire horse figurines
This is a magnificent figurine example of a Shire Horse made in England by the Beswick pottery ceramic works.

There is no reason why you can’t own one of these amazing Beswick figurines yourself, and the best part is you can admire them and also watch the value go up as time goes by, or hand them down to the next generation of admirers.