Bratz Dolls cause hardly a ripple when first introduced in 2001

Bratz Dolls are Great Collectables for the Future

Bratz is a well recognized American brand of fashion dolls as well as a mountain of merchandise produced by MGA Entertainment. They started initially with four 10″ dolls which were launched during 2001 they were called Cloe, Jade, Sasha as well as Yasmin. They’re described as being like teenagers and easily recognized simply by large heads as well as possessing slim physiques, their almond-shaped eyes embellished using eye shadow, as well as luxurious, glossy lips.


Bratz Dolls
Bratz Dolls


The Bratz collection attained an excellent financial success, the initial line of dolls was extended having a quantity of spin-offs, such as the Bratz Kidz and also Bratz Babyz, in addition to using media showcasing and portraying the actual Bratz individual personalities, which also includes a movie, a Television series, music cds as well as various video gaming labels. Through 2005, international revenue was two billion dollars together with the Bratz lines, by 2006 they’d approximately 40% from the fashion-doll marketplace.

The Bratz Dolls triggered debate in a number of areas.

Critique have been leveled from the labour conditions where the actual dolls are produced in China, plus the American Psychological Association has indicated concern concerning the sexual references belonging to the dolls’ clothes, and its particular influence on young children.

For many years, MGA Entertainment had been involved with a prolonged drawn out legal challenge from Mattel over the legal rights concerning the Bratz style and designs. During 2012, the actual challenge finished together with MGA being announced as the victors.

Bratz Logo
Bratz Logo


Even though the Bratz dolls fared badly from their own inaugural launch in May 2001, their own acceptance elevated the subsequent Christmas holiday period.

Within their first 5 years of production, 125 million dolls had been sold throughout the world, and also, worldwide revenue involving the Bratz as well as Bratz merchandise, achieved two billion dollars in sales. Throughout 2006, a toy-industry expert suggested Bratz had obtained approximately 40% of the fashion doll marketplace, and Barbie’s the other 60 %.

The initial distinctive line of dolls, went on to produced numerous spin-offs, including the Lil’ Bratz, Bratz Kidz, Bratz Boyz, Bratz Babyz, Itsy Bitsy Bratz, Bratz Lil’ Angelz, Be-Bratz as well as the Bratz Petz. They also had movies, music cds, video game titles, as well as interactive Dvd disks in their arsenal of products.

The actual financial success from the initial 4 dolls produced other comparable dolls throughout 2002 and also into 2003. Sets regarding twins were being launched. The actual dolls themselves ended up being offered individually and also within various themed environments. Add-ons for instance play-sets, furniture, as well as cars were introduced.

In 2002 the Bratz Boyz had been launched along with some others deputing throughout 2003, 2007 as well as in 2008. Bratz branding furthermore consists of Bratz Boyz & Twiinz in their impressive line-up.

The Lil’ Bratz of 2002 usually are smaller variations following closely the initial 4 Bratz designs and finally incorporated the Lil’ Boyz in line with the Bratz Boyz. During 2007, an extensive garments collection was launched known as Lil’ Bratz Couture.

More products such as the Bratz Petz were being introduced during 2004, not to mention ended up being terminated during 2006 not a very long production run. These were plush toys, like cats, dogs as well as foxes using their personal totes, clothing, as well as a range of add-ons. The Bratz Petz have already been re-released within Australia as well as the UK, together with bobble heads along with add-ons.

Bratz Kidz, the actual “kid” equal of your teenage Bratz dolls, are launched throughout the year in 2006. The particular dolls are 6″ high and therefore, smaller compared to any of the standard Bratz. Bratz Boyz Kidz, they were being released throughout 2007 starring 4 from the Bratz Boyz. Shortly after the actual launch with the Bratz Boyz Kidz, the actual clothes used ended up being switched from fabric, so that you can use plastic snap-ons, in its place. The Be-Bratz dolls 2007 were definitely created for owner personalization.

Having a Be-Bratz USB Key, typically the doll owner could take your Be-Bratz doll on-line and create a name for it, as well as generate an on-line social home-page. Games may be played using your online Be-Bratz account to obtain extra add-ons for your doll.

In order to commemorate the actual 10th anniversary of this franchise, in August 2010, MGA launched Bratz dolls around, 12 months. Along with 2 “come back” collections, MGA additionally introduced 10 brand new female Bratz figures.

During 2012, your Bratzillaz were being launched being a spin-off collection, depicting typically the ‘witchy cousins’ belonging to the Bratz.

During 2013, Bratz received a fresh logo, and also the dolls all receive brand-new bodies together with articulated arms, along with a height to match it’s arch rival Barbie whilst maintaining their unique faces, as well as having completely new fashions. Up to now, only Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, Sasha, Meygan, along with Fianna are actually manufactured in the brand new body’s. That should proceed for a short time then Roxxi, Phoebe, Dana, Shira together with Kumi will be reintroduced.

There are so many Bratz to choose from, I think you will need an enormous sense of fun and cheekiness, to collect all of these. Just what the Doctor ordered I believe.

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