Royal Albert Teapots Made in England

Royal Albert Teapots certainly have plenty of floral patterns to choose from.
The actual history regarding Royal Albert extends back more than 100 years to a tiny pottery small business founded by Thomas Wild, in Longton it’s one of the 6 villages that define Stoke-on-Trent, “The Potteries” The company was Initially founded during 1896.
Royal Albert is without a doubt inspired by means of anything English, the English country garden, including England’s state flower, the rose.
Royal Albert have produced many exciting Gift items, Fine China & Tableware over the years which also includes an amazing range of teapots for us to choose from

Royal Albert continues to be committed to English grace, style, as well as romance ever since Victorian times.

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Teapot

Probably the most renowned Royal Albert Teapots pattern is definitely the Old Country Roses Pictured Above.

It was Introduced during 1962, “Old Country Roses” is actually influenced by an old Royal Albert Pattern called “Kings Ransom” and additionally remains among the best selling fine bone china patterns on the planet, selling greater than 150 million items ever since it’s introduction.

Here is a link to a Royal Albert Identification Website so you may do more research on the Teapot you either already own or are considering purchasing.


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